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EFTpresence – A la rencontre de nos émotions avec la psychologie énergétique: l’approche EFT

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What you are is good. Good enough. For some reason [ Do you want to dissolve the limitations of your history?

Rencontre avec une praticienne qui nous confirme que nous sommes actuellement en pleine phase de transition accélérée. Marion Blique est thérapeute depuis 35 ans, installée à New York et formatrice en France.

And allow yourself to move forward with new expectations? I can help you.

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My passion is to help you overcome limitations and associated symptoms so that you can live your life normally and in peace. If you suffer from stress, anxiety and depression I can help you.

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Through conversation, in open, reflective exploration, these can be processed in connection with an experienced coach, councelor or therapist. You deserve to feel better and to move forward in all aspects of your life! These have become familiar to you at certain times of your life. You are might be desperate and certainly want to feel better.

We can work together in order to find solutions. I feel like I can do something else.

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Something bigger. I am uncomfortable and feel empty inside. Change scares me. There are several underlying issues that you might be experiencing, such as : finding eft rencontre, a reason to exist, a sense of purpose in life grief and loss divorce, separation, death lack of self esteem, loss of self confidence depression relationship or communication issues family, personal, professional.

All the GOLD is inside!!

Words cannot accurately express my gratitude for all that Lenore has done for me. Without her, I do not know where or in what state I would be in. I have come to accept myself. I am forever, eternally grateful.

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  • EFTpresence – A la rencontre de nos émotions avec la psychologie énergétique: l’approche EFT
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Thank you so much. Things loosen up.

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You feel less stuck. It is wise to look for help and advice outside of your surrounding environment.

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Eft rencontre wants to help you their way. My goal is to help you rediscover your inner strength.

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It is worth it. Together, we will find the tools you need, that suit you and your situation.

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You have the will and desire to get coaching or to go to therapy. You are open to change. I have been tested through challenges throughout my life and I feel more mature, deeper and I have a greater sense of compassion because of it.

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Actually, I am an example that proves that coaching works and that it is a valuable tool to help people feel stronger, to heal and to better accept themselves.

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